Trade Name : Ivy Herbasol Extract Pg , Unpreserved , System 3 

INCI Name: Propylene Glycol , Aqua , Sorbitol , Hedera Helix Leaf Extract
Origin: Plant Extract / Ivy
Appreance: Yellow-Brown Liquid
Odor: Characteristic
Category: Active Ingredients
Function: Anti-Dandruff , Cleansing , Stimulating
Application:Anti-Dandruff, Bath And Shower Product, Body care, Body Lotions, Both Liquid And Bars, Creams, Face Packs, Facial Masks, Footcare, hair care, Massage Lotions, Skin care, Skin Cleansing Product, Skin Tonics, Sun care
Supplier : Lipoid-Kosmetik
Feature: Self-Preserving/ Preservative-Free