Applications in the production of disinfectant gels and related products to combat covid19

# Product Supplier Application Document
1 sepimax zen Seppic thickening agent Download
2 sepigel 305 Seppic thickening agent Download
3 sepiplus 400 Seppic thickening agent Download
4 SANGELOSE 60L and 60M Daido Download
5 salibact 20% Salysilate antibacterial Download
6 lunar silver venture silver based antimicrobial Download
7 kopexynol kumar antibacterial Download
8 TEQ BKC 80% kale antibacterial Download
9 Carbomer kale thickening agent Download
10 TEQPOLYMER SPR kale rheology modifier Download
11 Ajidew Nl-50 ajinomoto humectant Download
12 anti-irritant complex lipoid anti-irritant Download
13 Pancil BA-200-G-1 venture antibacterial Download